Foreclosure Mediation Program


Milwaukee Foreclosure Mediation Program Referral

Our team of Preservation Specialists has partnered with the Milwaukee Metro Foreclosure Mediation Program for many years.  Homeowners are often referred to us because our Preservation Specialists are trained to review financial information with you, and to discuss programs that may be available to help you avoid foreclosure.  We also gather the appropriate documentation from you and submit this information to the assigned mediation representative.   At this point, your lender will be invited to participate in mediation process to reach a mutually agreeable, reasonable solution that is sustainable for both lender and home owner.


Click to download a PDF of the Foreclosure Timeline

Click to download a PDF of the Foreclosure Timeline

What if I need help but I am not referred by the Mediation Program?

You may also work with our Foreclosure Prevention Homeownership Specialist.  We will provide fee-free counseling services including mortgage modification guidance, review of household finances, and explain Wisconsin’s foreclosure timeline.  Due to our long-standing relationships with many area lenders, we’ve access to multiple points of contact and a number of local and regional resources to achieve a mutually acceptable solution.  In the event you cannot remain in your home, we can help you work out a manageable, less stressful transition plan.


pdfimgFor more information, please complete our Authorization and Disclosure Form_Foreclosure Mitigation Program form and contact our foreclosure prevention support specialist at or call (414) 299-3610.

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